Artist Bio

New Yorker born, growing up in the suburbs of New York and Connecticut, “Gabbie” frequented Manhattan, benefitting from all of its cultural resources. She graduated Cornell University’s College of Fine Art and Architecture with a B.F.A. in Painting an Art History Minor and the equivalent of a minor in literature. She took additional classes in the more “ commercial” skills and illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Eventually, she added some computer skills to the repertoire. She has been invited to judge many exhibition by local art organizations, and is also a certified art appraiser.

Her experiences as an artist in both the “Fine” and commercial fields continue to be extremely varied. Some of her earlier work is in the collection of the former presidents and CEO’s of several large corporations and the owners and trainers of many Standardbred race horses. In the mix are hand-painted costumes for the ‘80’s group Full Force (CBS records), and a gift presentation for Donna Sommers. In the same week, she worked on a twenty foot mural for a local casino, and a digitally “invented” a pirate ship mast for a private homeowner’s fantasy swimming pool. She has even designed sets of tarot cards. She is currently working with Plot Twist Publishing, contributing to their independent comic anthology.

Gabriel taught as an assistant art professor at Sullivan County Community College, Loch Sheldrake, New York. She currently offers courses through the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Educational Outreach Department. Previously she did so at the College of Southern Nevada. She gives private courses for adults, in small groups at the Desert Art Supplies Store in Henderson, at her home, and in private sessions, with many different media. Classes emphasize knowledge of materials and techniques, development of personal style, and understanding the connection of creativity to “real world” functions, history, and spiritual and emotional development. She believes all creative endeavors are interrelated.